Halloween Event

~ Trick or Treat! ~ Smell my feeet! ~ Give me something good to eat!! ~

Kaugnay na larawan
Our Halloween Event is here! [Glast Heim Edition]
You can join the halloween event by using our special halloween command @halloween
It will just simply warp you to Glast Heim!

What are the event?

Halloween Coin Hunt!
  1. Halloween Coin is very important in our Halloween Event!
  2. You can get Halloween Coin to the Halloween Monsters inside Glast Heim Prison!
  3. Halloween Coin is also a currency in Halloween Shop!
  4. Halloween Coin is also a quest related requirements!
  5. There is Halloween Boss which is Halloween Dark Lord which drops 6 Halloween coin instantly!

  1. Spooky Machine is a refine challenge game!
  2. Hunt 50  Halloween coin and buy a  Cracked buckler to the Halloween Merchant he will only give one at a time you cannot buy more than 1, you have to use it first and buy again using Halloween Coin
  3. Talk to Spooky Machine once you got the Cracked Buckler and it will upgrade it for you!
  4. Every upgrades will cost you - 1  Halloween Coin and 10,000z 
  5. The reward will start at +4 and if you refine it to +7 and above it will give you Costumes!
Spooky Machine Reward!
  • +4 - Halloween Coin 3ea.
  • +5 - Poring Coin 5ea.
  • +6 - Random Foods / Scrolls Buff
  • +7 - Costume Witch Pumpkin Hat - (No Effect) Top
  • +8 - Costume Whisper Tall Hat (Increase Drop Rate by 10%) Top
  • +9 - Costume Jack Castle Bat (Increase Exp Rate by 5%) Lower
  • +10 - Costume Tomboy Fairy (Increase Drop Rate by 5%)  Middle
4_F_SITDOWNTiger Lily Quest
  1. Are you familiar with the urban legend horror story of Ragnarok Online way back 2004
  2. There is a quest in Orc Dungeon and it is Tiger Lily!
  3. Talk to Tiger Lily and quest eh Evil Marching Hat
  4. Some of the requirements can be bought to the Halloween Shop.
Tiger Lily Quest Reward
  • Evil Marching Hat

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